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Trimming an image - Imagick

This is a simple example to demonstrate how to easily trim the areas off the image and only display the parts where the object lies. Imagick::trimImage takes one parameter which is "fuzz". Quoting ImageMagick manual: "By default target must match a particular pixel color exactly. However, in many cases two colors may differ by a small amount.

The source image is a simple png image with black circle on gray background:
test image

The trimmed image:
result image

/* Create the object and read the image in */
$im = new Imagick"test.png" );
/* The background color. This is what we trim. */
$im->setImageBackgroundColor( new ImagickPixel"rgb(213,213,213)" ) );
/* Trim the image. */
/* Ouput the image */
header"Content-Type: image/" $im->getImageFormat() );

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