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firecat is a server-side Javascript Web server. It is similar to ASP and JSP, but instead of VBScript and Java, it uses Javascript(NSP) as the main scripting language. It is written in Java and can run on any Java virtual machine, but the main target will be to support free Java runtimes such as SableVM, JamVM, Kaffe, GCJ/GIJ, and Apache Harmony.

However, there is something you should know about firecat 1.x.x Beta release in order not waste you time.


firecat is in its infant stage and its capability is limited. It has a lot of potential to grow, but currently, it can only understand limited amount of commands you request.

One of the biggest limitation is lack of methods for Array manipulation available on firecat 1.x.x Beta release. Array manipulation is essential part of proguramming. and not being able to exercise full power of Array is almost telling you "do not program". Of course, some of you may not need them to program. But subset of Javascript1.5's Array Method, which is also the subset of other scripting language like Perl and Ruby would restrict programmers. An important missing construct is the SWITCH, which was not in EcmaScript until version 3.

Thus, if you are one of programmers like me and expecting full spec from Server-Side Javascript to solve all of your problems, wait until our later release is ready. We are advancing firecat and let you enjoy true power of Javascript which has not been realized. Javascript is a interesting language in nature and it can be much better, we believe.


Fortunately, there is still something about firecat, which is the actual production server of real business growing in real world. So, firecat does serve as your solution even in today. Despite of its limitation, it is surely better than 0.xx. Things firecat can today:

  • It has automatic unlock functionality. It does not stuck like tomcat. Fairy reliable web server.
  • If you just want to simple program like BBS, community site, ecommerce site with using database, firecat can be very good choice of yours. It is one of the easiest things to use. Even you are not programmer, it is not as hard as programming.
  • Concentrate processing on client side, save your server resource and restrict the role of Server-Side to data sender. You can enjoy AJAX in this way.
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