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Saurdo Gallery - AJAX Script

From the author:  "I wanted a gallery that was able to read a folder defined by me and display the images in that folder in nice neat thumbnailed manner that was ordered alphabetically and had some nice features. After much searching I found nothing. So why not make my own? Well that’s exactly what I did and good thing I did because it turned out pretty awesome!" Server requirements: Exif, PHP 5, Javascript, everything else is pretty standard. The only thing you really need to worry about is Exif. You can check out your server specs by making a PHP file with phpinfo(). Features: - Very easy install. - Don’t have to move images from current folder location. - Handles JPEG and JPG file types. Can handle GIF and PNG but the EXIF won’t work for those filetypes. - Show images in the current gallery folder alphabetically. - Show subfolders to the gallery folder alphabetically, giving access to tree-like structure. - Thumbs view. - Javascript preview with previous/next feature. - Keyboard navigation for javascript preview (N - next, P - previous, C - close) - Exif data that shows photographs camera settings and files size. - Adjustable sizes for thumbnailed icons. - Very flexible script. - More i’m to lazy to think of. For installation instructions view the included read me! If you don’t like my CSS styling then you can edit the style file. I don’t care! You won’t hurt my feelings! I promised myself I wouldn’t cry..
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