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Pyxy-gallery - AJAX Script

Pyxy-gallery is an AJAX image gallery in PHP and JavaScript, which optionally uses lightbox.js. It is designed to be an ultra-light-weight, "drop-in" image gallery. Its features include: AJAX shininess Users can browse your pictures without leaving a page. This provides for a smoother, more continuous user experience. lightbox.jsalso includes a nice "image loading" animation. (And AJAX skeptics can be reassured: Pyxy uses fragment identifiers to let you bookmark and link to individual pages within the gallery.) HTTP support Unlike some of the simplest drop-in gallery scripts, Pyxy uses the HTTP headers that browsers send to determine whether or not to re-send image thumbnails. It supports keep-alive connections to drastically reduce loading time latency. Ultra-lightweight Just drop it in and go! There may be only one file to install: if your web host supports it, pyxy-gallery will automatically install the protype.js JavaScript library for you. Note: Presently lightbox.js installation cannot be performed manually. See the documentation for more information. Pyxy only requires PHP version 4.3.0 or later, with the GD image library.
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