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PHP Navigator - AJAX Script

Web based open source file management system in PHP and AJAX. With Windows XP style & icons. You will feel you are on Windows! Features: User friendly Explorer style navigation and view. Fully customizable. Advanced AJAX & DOM to avoid reloading of the full page. Auto detecting browser`s ajax compatibility, screen resolution etc. Easy to install and configure. Very fast loading. It inherits the colour scheme of your window system. See the magic of css2! Featurefull with online editing, multi-file uploads, thumbnail view etc. Advanced client side scripting using JavaScript. Download folder as zip. Extract zip archive to current folder. And the BEST OF ALL, its FREE!! >>View Screenshot What`s New in Version 3.2? » Keyboard shortcuts for file manipulation. » New gzip deflate encoding gives you rocket speed data transfer! (In a test case a 120 KB page was compressed to 8 KB!) » Context menu (Supported Browsers only) » OEdit integration (Supported Browsers only), which is a wonderful WYSIWYG (visual) html editor. » A big security hole and some minor bugs fixed!
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Free   Version: n/a   Platform(s): All   Updated:  January 12, 2008

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