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PHP AJAX CHAT (frequently updated) - AJAX Script

This is a simple ajax chat written in PHP and Javascript. Updated frequently. It’s meant to be incredibly easy to use and install. Currently this is on demo in the left content area of our homepage. Here is the easy install information 1. Download all files and extract the zip 2. Upload files to FTP server 3. Import database.sql into your Mysql Server 4. Open rpc.php and configure your database information 5. Open index.php and configure your url designation 6. Include index.php anywhere and it will be a chat box for you This version of chat has a simple text filter to prevent XSS attacks and any type of proglong links etc. Only alpha-numeric messages. You can choose your own nick on the fly or it will generate one for you. Also everything is written into the CSS for easy editing to include on your site as well. Download PHP AJAX CHAT now Updates Bug Fixes Version 1.0b Fixes some problems seen in Mozilla with SetTimeout Update Additional Spam Protection There are some problems with plain-text chat spamming of urls, this prevents that plaintext and gives the additional ability to put stop words in as well.
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