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OpenDocMan is a full featured Web-based document management system designed to conform to ISO 17025/IEC. It features an automated installation script, check-in/out, departmental access control, file moderation, fine grained user access control, and a great search function. Written in PHP, and utilizing MySQL for the backend, this project is useful for any company looking to keep their documentation in a centralized repository.

Any decent document management system ( DMS ), whether it is open source or commercial, will allow documents to be stored in some sort of centralized location. This makes finding documents in the DMS much easier, as there is only one place to look.

Limited Access:

Having a centralized location to store files is not enough to call your product a document management system. A simple folder on your computer can allow files to be stored, but limiting access to specific individuals becomes more of a problem. A good DMS will allow fine-grained access to each and every file.

Tracking Changes:

Limiting access to the DMS files is a good step in the right direction but does no good if the files can be changed, added, removed without tracking of those actions. A good document management software system will add on change tracking for the files so that changes can be noted, and reversed if need be.

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