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Magic Magnify

Magic Magnify allows a user to hover over the image and magnify into it to see greater detail. It uses Flash to achieve a smooth effect. The effect does not require Flash programming because it is triggered by JavaScript. The SWF and JavaScript files come with Magic Magnify. The Web developer just needs two images: one large, one small. It can be used on any Web site images including dynamic product images served in an e-commerce store. The HTML is standards compliant, valid, and accessible. If JavaScript is not available, the small image displays and links to the large image.


This is how easy it is to add Magic Magnify to your website:

  1. Download Magic Magnify - buy the full version or get the trial version.
  2. Upload magicmagnify.js and magicmagnify.swf to your website (keep them in the same folder).
  3. Reference the JS file in the of your page.
  4. Reference your small image with and link it to your big image using the class of "MagicMagnify".

You're done!

Your code should look something like this:

MagicMagnify | Example

Installation guides

Magic Magnify can be used on any website, CMS, ecommerce site, shopping cart or blog. There are also module/plugins for a specific platforms:

Step-by-step instructions Zip file
Standard instructions (any website) Download
VirtueMart instructions Download
Drupal instructions Download


Look at more examples to see how Magic Magnify can be customized. For instructions, see below.

Border color

Change the border color by adding a zoom-color to the the rel attribute to your tag. The default color is #9E2F2D. Example code:

Magnifier size

Change the magnifier size by adding a size to the rel attribute. The default size is 100px. Example code:

Magnifier shape

Change the magnifier shape to a square by adding a type to the rel attribute. The default shape is circle. Example code:

To get help, visit our free support forum for fast answers. Alternatively, get professional paid support and we integrate and customize it for you.

Tip: compress your images as much as possible while maintaining good quality. The smaller the file size of your images, the faster they will download. For JPEGs, somewhere between 30% and 70% quality normally works best. For images with only a few colors, try PNG for size.

Browser compatibility

Magic Magnify works in all modern browsers and many old ones too.

Browser compatibility chart
Windows Mac Linux iPhone
Internet Explorer 7 Yes - - -
Internet Explorer 6 Yes - - -
Internet Explorer 5.5 Yes - - -
Internet Explorer 5 No No - -
Firefox 3 Yes Yes Yes -
Firefox 2 Yes Yes Yes -
Firefox 1 Yes Yes Yes -
Opera 9 Yes Yes Yes -
Opera 8 Yes Yes Yes -
Safari 3 Yes Yes - Yes
Safari 2 - Yes - -
Safari 1 - No - -
Konqueror 3.2+ - - Yes -

Version history

Magic Magnifyversion 2.0

February 19, 2008 - Changed the code for the HTML page to remove embedded JavaScript and make the code AAA accessible. Implementation is now even easier too!

Magic Magnify version 1.0

December 1, 2007 - Name changed to Magic Magnify. Magic Toolbox website launched.

Lucky Flash Magnifier version 1.0

August 19, 2006 - Lucky Flash Magnifier is launched. It is a Flash magnifying tool that uses a mix of Flash and JavaScript that enables users to hover over any image and see it in much greater detail. Cross browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari). Lean code. HTML and XHTML compliant. Customisation effects.


Is there a limit to the large image size?

Flash has an image size limit of 2880px (width or height). If your large image is larger than 2880px (very unlikely!) the Flash image zoom magnifies the wrong part of the image. To prevent this, resize your images to 2880px or less.

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