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The Ajax CMS for today. And tomorrow. MODx is 100% buzzword compliant, and makes child`s play of building content managed sites with validating, accessible CSS layouts – hence Ajax CMS. It empowers its users to build engaging "Web 2.0" sites today, with its pre-integrated Scriptaculous and Prototype libraries. If you`re a CSS designer or Ajax aficionado, this is the CMS for you; and if you like what you see today, you`ll love what`s coming. Techies call MODx a Content Management Framework ("CMF"): equal parts custom web app builder and Content Management System ("CMS"). With a flexible API and a robust event override system, MODx makes building engaging web projects straightforward — or changing core functionality without hacking the core code possible. Custom tweaks won`t leave you pulling out your hair when it`s time to upgrade. Not only does MODx help you build sites quickly, but it also is both robust and simple. As far as end-users know, MODx is just an easy-to-use online application; for developers there`s freely available resources and a fantastic end-user community. The SEO CMS MODx helps you build sites that perform well in search engines – in fact, we think it`s a great SEO CMS. Human readible URLs that Google loves is part of the reason, and allowing you to build tight, semantic XHTML/CSS also plays a role. Discover more in our features section.
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