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Helpcore is an enterprise grade help and servicedesk application. It acts as a central information hub for everybody that is involved in the help and service desk process. Managers can see overview and decision making information, system administrators can see the status of their network and software, and users can see the current status of their problems.
  • features

    - Quick start with out-of-the-box functionality
    - All requires basic aspects to support your services are assuredly incorporated
      during an extended implemetation project

    - Developed by Service Desk experts based on 'best practices' experience

  • Functions
    - Easy to install
    - Easy to deploy
    - Easy access to information
    - Easy to intergrate with your current service support processess
    - Full Self Services functionality including reporting incidents, knowledge search,
      frequently asked questions

    - Intergrated email functionality
  • Benefits

    - This treatment ensures that you can rapidly deploy a first version for the
      settlement of incidents as a result of which the quality level of service can be
relatively simple and with which sticking points in the process can be

    - Because of our enourmes experience in business process alignment you know for
      sure your business needs and service process are intergrated with and
      supported by the application.
- HelpCORE offers wide possibilities of composing the scope of the project in a
      flexible way and in consultation with you. Once the Scope of Work has been
      defined we are released to get you any functionality required.

    - HelpCORE also gives starting points for further development of your business
      needs and configuration of (automated) processes and procedures in order to
      correctly and entirely map the service in order to get a better control.

    - After completing the project you are assured we share our knowledge with you
      about the modifications in HelpCORE.
    - Acting on a Support Contract you will receive all latest updates and world-class
      support from us.

  • Unique Treatment
    - Fast, easy and cheap deployment
    - Your own termination situation stands first
    - Clear Scope Of Work Definition and description results
    - Excellent price/performance proportion
    - Full profit of our knowledge and skills in business and process alignment and
      service management

  • Plugins
    - HelpCORE supports plugins in order to allow easy migration of 3rd party or
      custom code troughout HelpCORE versions.

  • 3rd Party Software
    - HelpCORE is built upon the shoulders of other software giants. We use some
      of the best Open Source software in the world. HelpCORE itself is written in
      PHP, a scripting language that runs on top of web servers. We use apache,
      but IIS or any other commercial web server will work.

    - The fact that we use this software as our "default" does not mean HelpCORE
      will not run on other software. You are free to choose a web server and database
      server of your liking as HelpCORE and PHP will support just about any combination

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