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EditLive! for XML

EditLive! for XML is a tool that consists of two key components - a Visual Forms Designer that allows developers to quickly design and deploy XML forms solutions, and Editor Control, which makes it possible for business users to easily create XML content within your content management system or Web application. Samples and integration code are available for using the Editor Control in conjunction with ASP, JSP, and Vignette. The Forms Designer is available as both a desktop application and an applet and produces standards-based XML schemas and XSLT that can be reused outside EditLive! for XML solutions.

Easy to use

Intuitive interface

Hide the complexities of editing XML with an easy-to-use interface for creating XML documents.  Familiar forms-based interface is as simple as filling out a form or creating a word processing document.

Browser-based and cross-platform

Edit content directly online and publish simply and seamlessly in your Web application. The same content and code runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and more

Document navigation bar

Quickly move, insert and remove elements while EditLive! for XML ensures the validity of the underlying XML document.

Full screen workspace

Pop out the editor window from the browser to a desktop sized workspace.

Undo & redo

Undo and redo an unlimited number of actions.

Find and Replace

Search for and replace content across all form fields.

Keyboard shortcuts

Commonly used commands map to familiar shortcut keys.

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