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CShout - AJAX Script

This shoutbox completely needs no database at all. It uses a text file as its database. I have created it since I realised that I would need one for my own. Before that, I used the free shoutbox service at from which I adopted the idea. I started with a free tutorial on the internet which was really really basic and simple. You can download, unrar and enjoy it straight away as well as using it with phpwcms as a mod. I don`t know if this is considered as a mod but it does something different to the orginial copy of phpwcms. It is my little contribution to phpwcms community. This mod will add a shoutbox into your phpwcms site using phpwcms custom replacement tag. If you would not mind, please let me know the website that you use this shoutbox. Put a link in to my shoutbox so that others can have different live demos of this shoutbox. Features: Use flat-file database, easy for setup and backup Support emoticons, flooding control (spam protection), bad words filtering. Display timestamp and ip address via tooltip. Timezone adjusting. Allow the admin to delete unwanted shouts on the fly. Search shouts by date, time, shouter, message, and ip address. Page navigation. New version 2.0 implements AJAX. Support any language/charset. Websites use this shoutbox: http://www.soronrille.comhttp://up-yours.ushttp://www.lpv-sev.ch
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