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Ajax tooltip - AJAX Script

A nice tooltip script where the content of the tooltip is retrieved by Ajax from external files.
Files included in the package:
ajax-tooltip.html = Main HTML file
js/ajax-tooltip.js = Main JS file for the script>
js/ajax.js = Ajax (Library from
js/ajax-dynamic-content.js = The dynamic content script from this site
css/ajax-tooltip.css = CSS for tooltip
css/ajax-tooltip-demo.css = CSS for the demo
images/arrow.gif = Arrow used in the tooltip
demo-pages = External files loaded by the tooltip
Configuration First, you need to include the js files and css files as in the demo(ajax-tooltip.html)

The tooltip is called by a mouseover event applied to an <A> tag.
Example: <a href="" onmouseover="ajax_showTooltip(`demo-pages/ajax-tooltip.html`,this);return false" onmouseout="ajax_hideTooltip()">
The layout(size, colors and arrow) is defined in the CSS.
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