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AjaxMGraph - AJAX Script

HOW TO SETUP Download Archive Extract files to some remote or local directory Include agGraph.css file in your page <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="agGraph.css" /> Download and include prototype.js file in your page Include graphM.prototype.js file in your page <script type=`text/javascript` src=`prototype.js`></script><script type=`text/javascript` src=`graphM.prototype.js`></script> Define destination DIV, and write note title and text <script type=`text/javascript`> var agGraphDivID=`resultDiv`; var agGraphShowNote=`yes`; // yes,or no var agGraphNoteTitle=`Note`; var agGraphNoteText=`Little note about this graph goes here...`;</script> Add onclick="draw();" to some element <input type="button" value="Generate Graph" id="startButton" onclick="draw();" /> Edit number_generator.php, and enter your values there * *or provide data from database, xml, remote file.... CHANGE LOG V0.95 - April 10. 2007. Added Option to add a note(1) Added Transparency Visual style changed V0.95 - March 31. 2007. Initial version released. notes: (1) - you can pass HTML as note text, so basicaly you can add picture, link or anything else here :)
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