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AgileGallery - AJAX Script

AgileGallery AgileGallery is a photo gallery that rips through the XML output from Picasa (a free download from google) and generates the paging and thumbnails and displays the full sized photos along with any captions entered in Picasa. AgileGallery presently comes in two flavors - one for AJAX that requires nothing more than a website to for your photos and the gallery scripts and a modern web browser. We also offer a Flash version of the gallery that has the same functionality for Flash and the added requirement of the free Flash Player. Both the AJAX and Flash version can be downloaded, installed, and you can export your first gallery from Picasa in only 5 simple steps! At the present the AJAX version of AgileGallery has been kept very simple, as it was developed to fit a need for a very simple gallery that could be inserted on any web page without the need for server side scripts to maintain databases of images, comments, etc. I also did not want to reinvent the wheel by creating a lot of interfaces for resizing, cropping, uploading, and general photo management as Picasa already does an excellent job and I beleive these tasks should stay on the desktop where they can be better managed. So if you already use and love Picasa and have a website then AgileGallery is for you. I highly recommend that you try out Picasa if you have not already. AgileGallery does not require any server-side technology to generate the gallery for photos that are stored on your website as it uses AJAX or Flash to load and parse the Picasa XML file and photo and thumbnail displays. Terms of Use: AgileGallery is free for any commercial or non-commercial use. AgileGallery may not be sold or redistributed to any party. Any credits or copyright notices must remain intact.  Installation instructions Here
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