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AJAX Login System - AJAX Script

AJAX Login System Script Creating a secure login system using XMLHttpRequest This is an example of a login system that does not require page refreshes, but is still very secure. Valid usernames and passwords for this demo are user1/pass1 and user2/pass2. Try these, and also incorrect passwords to see the results. Please note that this is not a functional form, your input will not go anywhere. It is solely for demonstrating an XMLHttpRequest login system in javascript. Advantages * User does not need to refresh the page to login. * User is notified instantly on incorrect username/password combination. * Overall user experience is more seamless. * Password is not sent in plain text ever (more secure than traditional system). * Javascript convenience with server-side security (uses PHP/MySQL). * Uses one-time use random seed to hash the password before sending (making interceptions useless). Disadvantages * System is more prone to brute force attacks. o Can be minimized by adding a delay after a certain number of attempts per username or per client. * User may expect a login button. o One could still be added without reloading the page. * Older versions of Safari cannot disable a password field. * This code uses the MD5 encryption algorithm, which has since been proven to be less secure than previously thought. If you use this code, I strongly recommend you switch to a more secure encryption algorithm, such as SHA-1. For sites were security is not crucial, MD5 should suffice.
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