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AJAX E-mail Submitter - AJAX Script

Features: * Dynamically submits e-mails * Checks if e-mails are in the correct format * stores in an easy to read text document * parses the e-mail address for better storage * Sleek and simple design * Easy to edit and easy to implement * Shows message if someone has already entered an e-mail To edit the confirm and failure messages: 1. open the email.js file in a regular text editor a specialized javascript editor. I like to use notepad++. 2. Find "function Failed()" and "function Rcvd()" 3. Edit the text after "innerHTML =" you must leave the single quotation marks in! If you want to use a single quotation mark in your message simply put a backslash before the mark. 4. Save it and upload it!
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Free   Version: n/a   Platform(s): All   Updated:  January 12, 2008

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