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wForms: A Javascript Extension to Web Forms

wForms is a javascript extension that adds commonly needed behaviors to traditional web forms. It follows the principle of progressive enhancement : unobtrusive, cross-browser and degradable. I should also point out that not a single line of code is required to actually use it. That makes the learning curve almost non-existant. If you can add a class to a tag, then you can use wForms. Implemented behaviors are: * Switch: Allows you to show/hide relevant parts of a form based on the user inputs. * Repeat: Allows parts of a form to be repeated if the user wants to provide more answers. * Field Hint: Displays contextual help based on the current input focus. * Input Validation: Validates common input types (email, numbers, ..) and displays appropriate error messages.

Free   Version: n/a   Platform(s): All   Updated:  March 15, 2008

Developer:Cdric Savarese Demo Download  
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