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vegUI is a javascript-based window manager / widget collection that serves as a solid framework for the development of web applications and interactive dynamic websites. It was developed with 4 core concepts in mind 1) speed 2) modular design 3) compact design 4) total control over appearance, flexibility vegUI comes with these premade widgets: Buttons, Scrollbars, Scrollable Contentboxes, Dropdown Menus, Windows, Lists, Tabbed Dialog, Checkboxes, Property Set, Selector Every element is built from actual HTML nodes and can thus be themed by whatever means HTML and CSS provide. vegUI also provides AJAX functionality. Release comes with tutorial examples and a little test page, more tutorial articles can be found on the vegui webpage.

Free   Version: n/a   Platform(s): All   Updated:  July 16, 2008

Developer:Stefan Pratter Demo Download  
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