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Openjsgl attempts to rewrite the fundamental pieces of OpenGL in JavaScript. The purpose is to allow developers to render 3D graphics in a Web browser. It uses the canvas HTML element to render colored pixels. It works with the Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers. Openjsgl follows the OpenGL pipeline model very closely, and even deviates from the standard operations in the same places OpenGL does. The API is also similar to that of OpenGL. This was done to allow an easy transition from OpenGL to openjsgl. Openjsgl implements transformations (scaling, rotating, and translating), lighting (up to 8 lights, including spotlights as well as directional and positional lights), clipping, backface culling, smooth and flat shading, and blending.

Free   Version: n/a   Platform(s): All   Updated:  August 24, 2008

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