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Explorer like navigation tree for websites with optional multilingual support for unlimited folding levels and items. All styles, formats and symbols can be customized, selected items may be highlighted. The script is directly executable, reliable and speedy to handle even more than thousand items. Multiple trees can be loaded in one document. Guests can request cookies to store the page layout. The code and the intuitive usage is well documented to aid novices. TreeMenu writes cross-browser compatible html-code into an usual html-document. So e.g. leading and trailing text, colors or code may be added to that document. Even a tree working without frames is imaginable. All customization can be done using a simple text-editor. No wizards are needed due to the clearly structured documentation and code. A public help-forum is provided. Nothing is hidden. Thus it`s easy to enhance and update your site later.

Free   Version: n/a   Platform(s): All   Updated:  January 15, 2008

Developer:Hans Bauer Demo Download  
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