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Hotel Reservation Form

This is the client part of a hotel reservation form with client-side validation and localization. It comes along with support for 4 languages - English ("en-US"), Bulgarian ("bg"), German ("de") and French ("fr"). The form labels and validation warning messages are stored in .xml files and parsed onload. The default language could be easily set by changing a single variable in the <head>...</head> of the webpage: <script type="text/javascript"> var formlanguage = "en-US"; // Bulagrian - "bg"; // English - "en-US"; // German - "de"; // French - "fr"; </script> The localization files are easily editable and are stored in the ReservationForm/Localizat ion/ folder. The form layout is pure CSS and may be customized by editing the ReservationForm/Reservati onForm.css file.

Free   Version: n/a   Platform(s): All   Updated:  January 15, 2008

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