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HTML table sorting JavaScript

Include this script in your html page header and add class="sortable" to the tables you want sorted. You can then sort the tables by either press `ctrl-alt` and click anywhere inside the table; Or click the links auto-added on your table column headings. The script allows automatic detection and sorting of data types like major currencies, US time/date, numbers (scientific notation too), IP addresses, etc; You could also explicitly specify column data type to override auto-detection; Specify European styled date/time sorting as well as any user-specified date format, or even specify custom data type and supply custom sorting functions if so wished to sort anything you want! Other features include support for cookie (remember sort state), multi-row table headers/footers, preserving the row/cell styles (eg alternatively highlighted rows), X-browser support, complete control over the looks of sorting link both before and after sorting. It`s by far the most advanced table sorter on web!

Free   Version: n/a   Platform(s): All   Updated:  January 15, 2008

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