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Collapsible tables with DOM and CSS

Collapsible tables with DOM and CSS

Each of the tables below has a class called "footcollapse" which makes the script add the arrow images in the footer allowing the table to be collapsed and expanded.

Check the script and the CSS to see how it is done.

My recent CDs
Title Artist Quality
Total 5 CDs
Front 242 Front By Front Quite OK
Miss Kittin good buy
Die Fantastischen Vier Viel Nice comeback
Nine Inch Nails With Teeth Oh yes, finally a new one
Garbage Bleed like me Needs more listening
My recent DVDs
Title Quality
Total 5 DVDs
Star Trek TNG Season 7 They lost it
Big Fish Wonderful Tale
Closer I want my time back!
Hot Shots Always worth it
The Party A shame there is not more Sellers

Yes, the script uses old school DOM1 event calls and hijacks the onload handler, therefore you cannot use it with other scripts for now, this was done as this is a demo of a functionality idea. Fix it and mail it to me if you want to.

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