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Auto-complete type-ahead dropdown menu

This script adds auto-complete/type-ahead/ tracing/find-as-you-type effect to dropdown menus in Internet Explorer. In IE, when user press "MA" in a dropdown menu, IE will first select the first option starting with "M", then select the first option starting with "A", giving user "AK" while user actually wanted "MA" for Massachusetts. Using this script, user will get MA if M and A are consecutively typed (if user type M, then after a while A, user will still be taken to AK as an intended behavior). Comments in script is provided so that one can customize to determine how fast user has to type to get MA not M, A. Currently all printable characters on keyboard and keypad are supported (except for those needing the "shift" key). Both IE and Gecko-based browsers (firefox, mozilla, netscape, K-meleon etc.) are supported. Version 1.0 supports your using user-typed value to populate other menus.

Free   Version: n/a   Platform(s): All   Updated:  May 15, 2008

Developer:Mingyi Liu Demo Download  
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