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PHP : Installation and Configuration : Installation of PECL extensions : Downloading PECL extensions

Downloading PECL extensions

There are several options for downloading PECL extensions, such as:


    The PECL web site contains information about the different extensions that are offered by the PHP Development Team. The information available here includes: ChangeLog, release notes, requirements and other similar details.

  • pecl download extname

    PECL extensions that have releases listed on the PECL web site are available for download and installation using the pecl command. Specific revisions may also be specified.

  • CVS

    Most PECL extensions also reside in CVS. A web-based view may be seen at To download straight from CVS, the following sequence of commands may be used. Note that phpfi is the password for user cvsread:

    $ cvs login
    $ cvs co pecl/extname

  • Windows downloads

    Windows users may find compiled PECL binaries by downloading the Collection of PECL modules from the PHP Downloads page, or by retrieving a PECL Snapshot or an extension DLL on PECL4WIN. To compile PHP under Windows, read the appropriate chapter.

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