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PHP : Function Reference : WDDX Functions

WDDX Functions


These functions are intended for work with » WDDX.


In order to use WDDX, you will need to install the expat library (which comes with Apache 1.3.7 or higher).


After installing expat compile PHP with --enable-wddx.

The windows version of PHP has built in support for this extension. You do not need to load any additional extension in order to use these functions.

Runtime Configuration

This extension has no configuration directives defined in php.ini.

Resource Types

This extension defines a WDDX packet identifier returned by wddx_packet_start().

Predefined Constants

This extension has no constants defined.


All the functions that serialize variables use the first element of an array to determine whether the array is to be serialized into an array or structure. If the first element has string key, then it is serialized into a structure, otherwise, into an array.

Example 2612. Serializing a single value with WDDX

echo wddx_serialize_value("PHP to WDDX packet example", "PHP packet");

This example will produce:

<wddxPacket version='1.0'><header comment='PHP packet'/><data>
<string>PHP to WDDX packet example</string></data></wddxPacket>

Example 2613. Using incremental packets with WDDX

= 3.1415926;
$packet_id = wddx_packet_start("PHP");
wddx_add_vars($packet_id, "pi");

/* Suppose $cities came from database */
$cities = array("Austin", "Novato", "Seattle");
wddx_add_vars($packet_id, "cities");

$packet = wddx_packet_end($packet_id);

This example will produce:

<wddxPacket version='1.0'><header comment='PHP'/><data><struct>
<var name='pi'><number>3.1415926</number></var><var name='cities'>
<array length='3'><string>Austin</string><string>Novato</string>


If you want to serialize non-ASCII characters you have to convert your data to UTF-8 first (see utf8_encode() and iconv()).

Table of Contents

wddx_add_vars — Add variables to a WDDX packet with the specified ID
wddx_deserialize — Alias of wddx_unserialize()
wddx_packet_end — Ends a WDDX packet with the specified ID
wddx_packet_start — Starts a new WDDX packet with structure inside it
wddx_serialize_value — Serialize a single value into a WDDX packet
wddx_serialize_vars — Serialize variables into a WDDX packet
wddx_unserialize — Unserializes a WDDX packet

Code Examples / Notes » ref.wddx


With ref to the above comment about typing, I have found that -- oddly enough -- PHP's WDDX supports the following WDDX types: null, boolean (true/false), number and string, *but* not date-time.
as an example, use the following values in an array that you then serialize:
$number = 5,
$null = NULL,
$bool = true,
$string = 'this is a string'.
they will all serialize correctly, e.g. the third entry comes out as:
<var name='bool'><boolean value='true'/></var>
i have tried with the 'official' format for WDDX 'datetime', e.g. '1998-9-15T09:05:32+4:0' (from the DTD @  but have only succeeded in getting this encoded as a 'string' type.
if anyone else has any more information on this, it would be welcome. i would like to store the variables in 'appropriate' fields in a database, and the fact that only datetime is not supported is slightly irritating -- otherwise it would be a very useful function.

12-sep-2003 03:29

wddx isn't 100% perl compatible .. I have an wddx file infront of me and it only works with php so better don't use it


Tutorial here :
XML and PHP. Part 1: Using the WDDX functions


To insert arrays into a wddx variable here is a fine way to do it:
$sql = 'SELECT * FROM example';
$query = mysql_query($sql, $db) or die(mysql_error());
while($result = mysql_fetch_array($query)) {
$id[] = $result[ 'id'];
$name[] = $result['name'];
$description[] = $result[$prefix . 'description'];
wddx_add_vars($packet_id, "id");
wddx_add_vars($packet_id, "name");
wddx_add_vars($packet_id, "description");
$wddxSerializeValue = wddx_packet_end($packet_id);


To bradburn at kiwi dot de:
PHP is only capable of serializing properly variables which match one of its native (scalar) types (See Which means that only variables of type booleans, integers, floating point numbers, string and NULL will be serialized properly.
I think there are two exceptions though:
- arrays are serialized by processing them recursively, so if its only composed of the above mentioned types, you should be fine.
- floating point numbers and integers may use the same representation while serialized in WDDX (I don't know much about WDDX, so I'm not 100% sure about this statement).
An interesting case would be whether objects can be serialized or not...


Since there aren't any examples of reversing the process, here's one. If you had the packet produced by the above example (without the htmlentities() call), you could retrieve the values like this:
$value = wddx_deserialize($packet);
print "pi is:
" . $value["pi"] . "

print "cities is:
while (list($key, $val) = each($value["cities"])) {
print "$key => $val
which outputs:
pi is:
cities is:
0 => Austin
1 => Novato
2 => Seattle

jimmy wimenta

PHP's WDDX is useful only for exchanging data between PHP applications, but definetly not for exchanging data between different languages (which actually defeats the purpose of WDDX).
For example:
$hash1 = array ("2" => "Two", "4" => "Four", "5" => "Five");
$hash2 = array ("0" => "Zero", "1" => "One", "2" => "Two");
$hash1 will be serialized as hash, but
$hash2 will be serialized as array/list, because the key happen to be a sequence starting from 0.
Unless the library provide a way for users to specify the type, it can never be used for cross-platform data exchange.


I think it would be helpful for passing data between languages to show a direct translation of the above examples into Perl, using 1.00 from CPAN.  It took me awhile to figure out.  To serialize:
use WDDX;
$wddx = new WDDX;
$packet_id = $wddx->struct({});
$pi = 3.1415926;
$packet_id->set("pi" => $wddx->number($pi));
# Suppose @cities came from database
@cities = ("Austin", "Novato", "Seattle");
$packet_id->set("cities" => $wddx->array([map $wddx->string($_), @cities]));
$packet = $wddx->serialize($packet_id);
open(FP, ">cities.wddx");
print FP $packet;

To deserialize:
use WDDX;
open(FP, "<cities.wddx");
undef $/;                       # Slurp the whole file.
$packet = <FP>;
$packet_id = new WDDX;
$wddx_obj = $packet_id->deserialize($packet);
$value = $wddx_obj->as_hashref();
print "pi is:
" . $value->{"pi"} . "

print "cities is:
$key = 0;
foreach $val (@{$value->{"cities"}}) {
   print "$key => $val
</PRE>, sbarnum

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