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PHP : Function Reference : Oracle Functions (PDO_OCI) : PDO_OCI DSN


Connecting to Oracle databases ()

Example 1681. PDO_OCI DSN examples

The following examples show a PDO_OCI DSN for connecting to Oracle databases:

// Connect to a database defined in tnsnames.ora

// Connect using the Oracle Instant Client

Code Examples / Notes » ref.pdo_oci.connection

alexander ashurkoff

If you want to use PDO_OCI and get proper russian windows-1251 codepage, just add charset=CL8MSWIN1251 to your DSN.
$dbc = new PDO('oci:dbname=;charset=CL8MSWIN1251', 'username', 'password');
Аlso setting apache/registry/system environment variable NLS_LANG to RUSSIAN_CIS.CL8MSWIN1251 may helps you.

helpful user

If you get the error: TNS: could not resolve service name
Remember that the PDO wants to use the default client, which will only use the tnsnames.ora in %ORACLE_HOME%\network\admin. Check that file and make sure your service is defined in there.
BTW, there is a bug with pdo_oci8 with 9i - don't use it. Make sure you just use pdo_oci.dll.

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