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PHP : Appendices : Migrating from PHP 5.0.x to PHP 5.1.x : Checking for E_STRICT

Checking for E_STRICT

If you only have a single script to check, you can pick up E_STRICT errors using PHP's commandline lint facility:

php -d error_reporting=4095 -l script_to_check.php

For larger projects, the shell script below will achieve the same task:




# These extensions are checked
extensions="php inc"

check_file ()
 echo -ne "Doing PHP syntax check on $1 ..."

 # Options:
 ERRORS=`/www/php/bin/php -d display_errors=1 -d html_errors=0 -d error_prepend_string=" " -d error_append_string=" " -d error_reporting=4095 -l $1 | grep -v "No syntax errors detected"`

 if test -z "$ERRORS"; then
   echo -ne "OK."
   echo -e "Errors found!\n$ERRORS"


# loop over remaining file args
for FILE in "$@" ; do
 for ext in $extensions; do
    if echo $FILE | grep "\.$ext$" > /dev/null; then
      if test -f $FILE; then
        check_file "$FILE"

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