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PHP : Function Reference : SAM - Simple Asynchronous Messaging : SAMConnection->send()


Send a message to a queue or publish an item to a topic. ()

SAMConnection {
  string send(string target,
              SAMMessage msg,
              array properties);


The "send" method is used to send a message to a specific queue or to publish to a specific topic. The method returns a correlation id that can be used as a selector to identify reply or response messages when these are requested.



If sending a message, the identity of the queue (queue://queuename) or if publishing to a topic the identity of the topic (topic://topicname) to which the message is to be delivered.


The message to be sent or published.


An optional associative array of properties describing other parameters to control the receive operation.

Property name Possible values
SAM_DELIVERYMODE Indicates whether the messaging server should enusre delivery or whether it is acceptable for messages to be lost in the case of system failures. The value of this property may be set to either SAM_PERSISTENT, to indicate that message loss is not acceptable, or SAM_NON_PERSISTENT, if message loss is acceptable. The resulting behaviour of the send will vary depending on the capabilities of the messaging server the PHP script is currently connected to. If the server does not support persistent messages and SAM_PERSISTENT is specified the send request will fail with an error indication showing the capability is not available.
SAM_PRIORITY A numeric value between 0 and 9 indicating the desired message delivery priority. A priority value of 0 indicates the lowest priority while 9 indicates highest priority. If no priority is specified a default will be assigned which is dependent on the messaging server being used.
SAM_CORRELID A string to be assigned as a correlation id for this message. If no value is given the messaging server may assign a value automatically.
SAM_TIMETOLIVE A time in milliseconds indicating how long the messaging server should retain the message on a queue before discarding it. The default value is 0 indicating the message should be retained indefinitely.
SAM_WMQ_TARGET_CLIENT This property is only valid when using WebSphere MQ and indicates whether or not an RFH2 header should be included with the message. This option may be set to either 'jms' or 'mq'. The default is 'jms' which means that an RFH2 header is included. If the value 'mq' is specified then no RFH2 is included with the message.

Return Values

A correlation id string that can be used in a subsequent receive call as a selector to obtain any reply or response that has been requested or FALSE if an error occurred.


A correlation id will only be returned for a successful send to a queue destination (queue://xxxx) in which case it will reflect the message identitiy of the message on the queue. In the case of a send being used to publish data to a topic the return value will be TRUE as no correlation id is availabe for return.


Example 2127. Send a message to a queue

= new SAMMessage('This is a simple text message');
$correlId = $conn->send('queue://send/test', $msg);
if (!
$correlId) {
// The send failed!
echo "Send failed ($conn->errno) $conn->error";


Example 2128. Publish a message to a topic

= new SAMMessage('This is a simple text item');
if (!
$conn->send('topic://test', $msg)) {
// The Send failed!
echo "Send failed ($conn->errno) $conn->error";

Example 2129. Send a request and receive a response

= new SAMMessage('This is a simple text message');
$msg->header->SAM_REPLY_TO = 'queue://receive/test';
$correlid = $conn->send('queue://send/test', $msg);

if (!
$correlid) {
// The Send failed!
echo "Send failed ($conn->errno) $conn->error";
} else {
$resp = $conn->receive('queue://receive/test', array(SAM_CORRELID => $correlid));

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