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PHP : Function Reference : Cybercash Payment Functions : cybercash_encr


Cybercash encrypt (PHP 4 <= 4.2.3, PECL cybercash:1.18)
array cybercash_encr ( string wmk, string sk, string inbuff )

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if you do not know how the MCK works, this will not help you .. but for those of you that know how the MCK works but are unclear as to how to use this function, here are some tips: $wmk is the merchant_key, $sk is the session_key and $inbuff is a urlencoded string of value pairs, i.e. "order-id=12345&amount=USD+12.34&card_number=....." .. the output array contains values for "macbuff" and "outbuff" which, in MCK terms, are the "mac" and "message" values which you must send with the session_key via urlencoded http post .. but both the macbuff and outbuff will have to be processed by cybercash_base64_encode before you can send them .. the rest is pretty much the same as the MCK

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