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The Location object represents the current Web address displayed in the browser.

Properties and Methods of the Location Object

Property/Method Description
hash Represents an anchor name in the URL that begins with the # character
host Represents the hostname and port number of the URL
hostname Represents the hostname part of the URL
href Represents the complete URL
pathname Represents the pathname part of the URL
port Represents the port part of the URL
protocol Represents the protocol part of the URL
reload() Reloads the current URL
replace() Loads a new Web page in the current browser
search The search part of the URL, including the ?

    <title> Creating a Location object</title>
    <form name="form1">
    Click the button to get the current location value.
    <input type="button" name="getLoc" value="Get Location"
       onClick='alert("The current location is: " + document.location)'>

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