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Claros inTouch - Ajax webmail - AJAX Script

Claros Ajax webmail inTouch(previously known as Claros Webmail) is the Ajax communication suite for the Claros Project. Claros inTouch 2.0 beta1 is built upon the extended version of version 1.7 but its user interface is completely re-done. It is faster than ever and its 100% Ajax from now on!!! The first beta release is a limited version with only webmail features activated. New and important features for Claros inTouch 2.0 Beta1 is : It is a full Ajax software. (Web 2.0) Attachment upload mechanism similar to Gmail and Yahoomail. It means you can continue composing your e-mail while your attachment is uploading. Drag and drop mechanism. Compatibility with all known IMAP/Pop3 and SMTP servers. All known bugs concerning the IMAP protocol is fixed. Really fast user interface and less system requirements than 1.x on the server side. Enterprise ready Multi-language support. Turkish and English are ready out of the box Fast access by keyboard shortcuts Out of the box spam protection. No need to do any setup on the server It is open source and completely free software. Please Note: Claros inTouch(CiT) 2.0 is not a finished product, it still doesn`t cover all the features 1.x offering. So if you are asking for a brand new, fast and a stable webmail client consider version 2.0. But if you are asking for a webmail client with calendar, address book support you can continue using version 1.7. CiT wil be offering a lot more features in a time, including real-time IM chat with Google, MSN users. Fully Ajax powered for web 2.0 experience     URL: Username: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it Password: hebelek
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