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AJAX Speed Up the Web

Speed Web delivery with HTTP compression

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Download the Free Apache mod_gzip Module

You can try HTTP compression on your site with Hyperspace Communications' Apache gzip module! mod_gzip was originally authored by a company named Remote Communications, Inc. RCI was purchased by HyperSpace Communications Inc. and HCI is responsible for maintaining the websites. Contact HCI for more details about mod_gzip. Remote Communications released the code into the public domain, the first ever module for the Apache Web Server which accelerates/compresses data on the fly. Available for Windows, Linux, and Solaris. Full source code included. The current version compresses dynamic output (from PHP, CGI, Perl, SSI's, EXE files etc.)


Webmasters typically see a 150-160% increase in Web server performance, and a 70% - 80% reduction in HTML/XML/JavaScript bandwidth utilized, using this module. Overall the bandwidth savings are approximately 30 to 60%. (This factors in the transmission of graphics.) Here's a test run by Remote Communications using their modified Apachebench above.

Using HTTP Compression (IIS 6.0)

To more efficiently use available bandwidth, enable IIS HTTP compression. HTTP compression provides faster transmission time between compression-enabled browsers and IIS, regardless of whether your content is served from local storage or a UNC resource. You can compress static files and application response files. Compressing application response files is usually called dynamic compression.

This section includes the following information:

Enabling HTTP Compression: Describes how to enable compression.

Customizing the File Types IIS Compresses: Describes how to add or remove file types from IIS compression

IIS HTTP Compression.

AJAX Speed Up the Web >>>>

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