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Specifies how to handle white space characters for the element.

Browser/User Agent Support

IE Netscape Mozilla Opera Safari
5.5+ 4.0+ 1.0+ 9.0+ 1.0+
  • IE: IE only supports the "pre" value for white-space.
  • Mozilla: Support for white-space is incomplete.
  • Opera: Opera almost has full support for the white-space attribute.
  • Safari: Support for white-space is incomplete.


normal Collapse whitespace normally.
pre Do not collapse whitespace.
nowrap Collapse whitespace unless specified otherwise by an appropriate tag (e.g. br).
pre-wrap Prevents user agents from collapsing sequences of whitespace.
pre-line User agents should collapse sequences of whitespace.


For a demonstration of the white-space attribute for table columns, see the demo page on quirksmode:




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