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Defines the border properties for an element.

Browser/User Agent Support

IE Netscape Mozilla Opera Safari
4.0+ 4.0+ 1.0+ 5.0+ 1.0+
  • IE: IE does not support borders on table columns.


[color] [style] [width]


* Specify a border value not on this list.
inherit Inherit the value from the parent element.
#ffffff border-color: Border color placeholder. e.g. #ffffff = white
none border-style: No border.
dotted border-style: Dotted line.
dashed border-style: Dashed line.
solid border-style: Solid line.
double border-style: Double line.
groove border-style: Grooved line.
ridge border-style: Ridged line.
inset border-style: Inset line.
outset border-style: Outset line.
hidden border-style: Hidden border.
thin border-width: Thin border.
medium border-width: Medium border.
thick border-width: Thick border.


To specify a thick, red, dashed border, use the following syntax: .myborderclass {border: thick red dashed;}.

For additional information and a demonstration of the border attribute, see the demo page on quirksmode:


Use the border property as a shortcut to typing out all of the individual border properties separately. You can specify any valid value for a border- property as part of border.




Examples -> Source code Demo online - > border:

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