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Specifies the width of the border.

Browser/User Agent Support

IE Netscape Mozilla Opera Safari
4.0+ 4.0+ 1.0+ 5.0+ 1.0+


[border-top-width] [border-right-width] [border-bottom-width] [border-left-width]. Example values: 2px 4px 2px 4px, 0.25in, thin, etc.


* Specify a border width value not on this list.
inherit Inherit the value from the parent element.
thin Thin border.
medium Medium border.
thick Thick border.


To specify a border width that is 2px on top, 1px on the right and bottom, and 2px on the left, use the following syntax: .myborderclass {border-width: 2px 1px 1px 2px;}.


You can also specify a fixed pixel value for border-width.

You can specify up to four different widths for the border of an element.

  • For border that is the same on all four sides, specify a single value.
  • For border that is different on the top/bottom and left/right sides, specify two values with the top/bottom value first.
  • For border that is different on the top, left/right, and bottom sides, specify three values with the top value first, followed by the left/right and then bottom values.
  • For border with four different styles, specify four values in the order of top, right, bottom, and left.




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