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Defines the background properties for an element.

Browser/User Agent Support

IE Netscape Mozilla Opera Safari
4.0+ 4.0+ 1.0+ 4.0+ 1.0+


[color] [url(image-url) | "none"] [attachment] [position] [repeat]


* Specify a value for background that is not on this list.
#ffffff background-color: Background color placeholder. e.g. #ffffff = white
url(image-url.gif) background-image: Background image placeholder
none background-image: No background image.
inherit background-attachment: Inherit the value from the parent element.
scroll background-attachment:Background image scrolls with the document.
fixed background-attachment:Background image is fixed as the document scrolls.
top background-position: Top of the parent element or window.
center background-position: Center of the parent element or window.
bottom background-position: Bottom of the parent element or window.
left background-position: Left edge of the parent element or window.
right background-position: Right edge of the parent element or window.
repeat background-repeat: Image repeats both horizontally and vertically.
repeat-x background-repeat: Image repeats horizontally.
repeat-y background-repeat: Image repeats vertically.
no-repeat background-repeat: Image does not repeat.


To specify a background image in an "images" directory named myCat.jpg that repeats vertically, use the following syntax: body {background: url(images/myCat.jpg), repeat-y}.


Use the background property as a shortcut to typing out all of the individual background properties separately. You can specify any valid value for a background- property as part of background.




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